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5 Ideas to Drive Sales Through Marketing Automation and Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Learn How Marketing Automation Can Benefit Your Sales Team

While best known for the benefits it brings to marketing teams, marketing automation can help departments throughout an organization – particularly sales teams. In recent years, the internet and social media have changed buyer behavior, which has, in turn, changed how companies sell to their buyers. While these changes in buyer behavior present significant challenges to organizations of all kinds and sizes, a marketing automation system combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365 can drive sales success.

3 "Must Haves" to Maximizing Sales Performance


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Hear CSO Insights analyst and co-founder Barry Trailer and Stephanie Dart, Director of Product Marketing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, discuss key ways to maximize sales performance.

Accelerate Your Sales Performance: Seven Tips to Sales Success

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Let’s face it, most salespeople dread making the cold call. Who wouldn’t? Essentially, you’re interrupting someone’s day to get something you need out of them — information, a meeting, a new sale, you name it.

But picking up the phone is not only one of the best ways to connect with customers, it’s one of the best prospecting tools you can have in your arsenal. It’s the way to take the lead. And succeed.

Created from the teachings of the best front line Salesforce managers, this book will tell you:

The New Measures of Sales Success

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This e-book offers you a fast yet thorough look at the key factors that are determining the future of the sales function, and explains how technology is both driving these changes and giving companies the capabilities they need to thrive in the new world order. Here is what you’ll find inside: