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Re-Engaging Leads and Customers with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Get Tactics and Tips for Bringing the Spark Back to Customer and Prospect Relationships

When your organization’s relationship with a lead or customer is brand new, it can often seem like they love every message you send, engage with every piece of content you create, and are delighted by every interaction. But, over time, that interest can fade. Rekindling the relationship won’t be possible in every case, but you can win some back with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and marketing automation. Find out how in our informative white paper.

Valuing Marketing Automation's Investment

Valuing Marketing Automation's Investment

As companies look to better understand their sales prospects and current customers, they often turn their focus on to their sales and marketing funnels. How to generate more leads, how to score leads more accurately and marketing personalization are frequent topics of discussion and fine-tuning. The goal is easily described, but can be challenging to meet: how to turn prospects into customers and customers into brand advocates. One solution to this end is marketing automation.

InsideView for Sales: Show Up Like You Know the Place

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InsideView for Sales lets you find more of the right leads, engage with them on a deeper level and win more deals—all faster and easier than ever. Get more accurate prospect data, relevant and impactful business insights and the right social connections to put you in front of the right contacts.