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Connecting an Organization to Create Spontaneous Value

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Microsoft SharePoint

Initiative used SharePoint 2007 to build its corporate intranet, but never saw significant engagement with the tool. Seeking a better collaboration solution, Initiative identified Yammer in early 2011 as a tool that would allow employees to collaborate through multiple channels with a low barrier to entry. With Yammer, Initiative has become a more collaborative and efficient company through the serendipitous connections that occur on Yammer every day. Experts are connected, employees save time and Initiative gains spontaneous business value.

U.S. Army Europe saves more than $150,000 by automating database translation

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Before migrating to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, U.S. Army Europe needed to translate portions of a SQL Server database used for screening and hiring local nationals. Using the Microsoft Translator API, Microsoft Visual C#, and the common language runtime (CLR) environment, engineers automated the translation of select SQL Server data into English. As a result, the Army saved about $150,500 (about 1,750 hours) in manual translation costs, avoided a seven month delay and maintained access to all of its historical employment screening data.

Empower Your Business to Connect with Customers & Grow Efficiently with Microsoft Dynamics


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Max is the hard-working owner of a fast-growing business. Like every business owner, Max knows what he wants to achieve. But not long ago, Max had a problem – he found the more demand increased, the more he struggled to keep up. Watch our video to see why Max chose Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics NAV to replace his uphill struggles with well-managed business growth.

Sales Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Opportunity Management


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

See the highlights of Microsoft Dynamics CRM's opportunity management capabilities, including leads scoring, social selling, collaboration across the organization, email tracking, contextual CRM information inside Outlook, sales gamification and sales document management.

Displaying Microsoft Dynamics Entity Images in ADX Studio

When it comes to displaying images on your web portal powered by ADX studio, ADX recommends the use of attachment notes as a storage for images. This approach comes with a lot of benefits since it allows the storage of images with various sizes and aspect ratios. The disadvantage of this approach is that it’s rather cumbersome in CRM directly. It provides a rather detached experience when assigning images to entities that in one way or the other will be used as visual assets on the portal.