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Office 365 Updates for April 2016


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Microsoft SharePoint

​​Jim Naroski covers recent enhancements to Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based solution for the modern workplace.

Microsoft Envision 2016 | Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Resco: The value of going mobile


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Utilize the full potential of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and bring the maximum value to your field workforce with Mobile CRM. In this session, you will hear a story of taking CRM mobile directly from the customer. See how a successful company approached mobility with Resco and find out what practical results they achieved. The experience of going mobile, the benefits of doing so and the challenges you might face along the way will be discussed.

Microsoft Envision | The future of CRM: Moving from campaign to commerce


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Digital technologies are transforming CRM. We are entering a world of “systems of experience,” with digital transformation continuing CRMs evolution – what began as a tool for sales, then service, then marketing, now includes Social CRM and mobile engagement. The focus is changing from purely selling products and services to delivering on brand authenticity and outcomes, from campaigns to commerce engagements.

Microsoft Envision 2016 | Use data and predictive analytics to win customers and grow your business


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Microsoft Power BI

Many organizations strive to harness data and extract its value to guide their business strategies and create business models fueling growth. But how can the use of advanced analytics help you disrupt the status quo? From data-driven marketing and ad targeting, to the connected car, big data is fueling product innovation and revenue opportunities. Learn how to harness your data via advanced analytics and use it to identify new opportunities, support agile decision making, reduce costs and win customers.

Microsoft Envision 2016 | Customer engagement: How to deal with the 21st-century customer

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Customer Service

Customer engagement is top of mind for business executives across the world. McKinsey found it to the be the #1 concern of C-suite thinkers in a mid-2014 study. Customers are more demanding than ever and are talking more about your brand than ever. What do you do to keep them engaged? Who has done it well and who hasn't? Author and thought leader Paul Greenberg will help you figure out how to think about and act to deliver 21st century engagement.

Microsoft Envision 2016 | FPL FiberNet World of field service: technology to deliver customer experiences

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Customer Service

What is a great customer experience? How can your mobile workforce not only provide great service, but delight your customers? How can you continue to increase customer satisfaction yet reduce costs to deliver exceptional service? In this session, you will learn from FieldOne and FPL FiberNet, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NextEra Energy, how to delight your customers and your CFO by changing the way you think about delivering services.

Microsoft Envision 2016 | Opening Keynote

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Platform & Cloud Solutions

The opening keynote will feature Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who will share his observations on how technology and businesses are driving transformation in todays world.

FieldOne, from Microsoft Overview


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Microsoft FieldOne

This video shares a brief overview of FieldOne, from Microsoft. The video covers the basics of using FieldOne, from Microsoft features following a typical day in the life of a dispatcher. Improve productivity and create remarkable customer experiences with field service management software.

Display JS Modal in Dynamics CRM

Sometimes in CRM we have times when we need to complete an action without allowing the user to change any fields. There are many ways to go about doing this, but one of the easiest is to display a modal over the form. It prevents the user from clicking on and changing any fields, while also providing a helpful message to the user, letting them know that there is an action in progress.