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Sending an Email Created in a Workflow

I had a situation where I was creating an email in a workflow using the standard step of "Create Email." After the email was created, some custom processing was done on it (specifically, creating a PDF and attaching it to the email). Since this was my first foray into the territory of creating emails in a workflow with custom processing, I thought it would be as easy as setting the status of the email to "Send" and it would automatically get sent. Nope, it's not that easy – but it isn't that hard to get done, either. It does take a little bit of code in a custom workflow step.

What’s new for Spring 2016 in Microsoft Social Engagement


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Microsoft Social Engagement

Check out all the new things you can do in Microsoft Social Engagement. Automatically identify customer intentions in social posts. Add tags to posts, or let the system learn to automatically tag posts for you. Integrate real-time social data with any application that can connect to an Azure Event Hub and stream it to Power BI and build powerful dashboards that reveal intelligent social insights. Find more posts with the new forum and Instagram sources. Calculate sentiment in more languages. Microsoft Social Engagement is truly enabling "social for everyone."

The Traditional vs. New CMO

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General Marketing Technologies

As technology continues to progress, so will the way the C-Suite becomes shaped. The rise of a new position, called the Chief Marketing Technology Officer, is now very relevant in many companies. What are the differences between the traditional Chief Marketing Officer and the new Chief Marketing Technology Officer?

The Traditional vs. New CMO

Increase the ROI of your CRM Investment

Implementing a new CRM solution into your business is a serious investment of time, money and people. CRM can lead to many improvements within your company and lead to a positive, tangible return on investment. These improvements include:

Get visual with your marketing!

Whether you are sending an email, writing a blog or adding flair to your website. Adding visually appealing content to each of these will improve how your brand is consumed. Visual content is received by humans 60,000 times faster than text.

What are some ways you can make your emails, blog or website more visual?


Email Open Rates on the Rise

Email open rates appear to be increasing according to a new report from Epsilon’s “Q1 2013 North America Email Trends and Benchmarks” report.
The report found that average email open rates increased in Q1 to 31.1% and click rates increased to 5.1%. The study suggests that the increase can be correlated to an increase in remote access capabilities with smart phones and tablets.

When is the best time to send email campaigns? You may be surprised...

A recent infographic by Experian Marketing outlined some interesting data regarding email marketing and the best time of week/day to send campaigns.  Here is some of the key pieces of data collected:

- People respond more to marketers' emails on the weekend, when volume was lower. Transaction rates (response rates) throughout the week remain steady around 12% but jump to 16% on Saturdays. Unique opens also jump a full percentage point on Saturday.

- 40% of email volume is sent between 8am and 12pm. Highest transaction (response rates) occur between 8pm and 12am (34%).