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How to Drive Microsoft Dynamics 365 User Adoption with Marketing Automation

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Are you looking to increase usage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your organization?

There’s a solution you may have not thought of – marketing automation. And it isn’t just for marketing anymore. Our white paper will show you use cases for marketing automation in departments throughout your organization so you can get the most out of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The B2B Perspective on Marketing Resource Effectiveness

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With so many marketing tactics, technologies and channels to choose from today, well-planned marketing strategies are more important than ever. Increasingly, marketing teams are turning to outside resources to successfully create and execute on these strategies by leveraging skills and knowledge that may not be available in-house.

But how are B2B marketers utilizing outside resources to optimize results? 

Re-Engaging Leads and Customers with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Get Tactics and Tips for Bringing the Spark Back to Customer and Prospect Relationships

When your organization’s relationship with a lead or customer is brand new, it can often seem like they love every message you send, engage with every piece of content you create, and are delighted by every interaction. But, over time, that interest can fade. Rekindling the relationship won’t be possible in every case, but you can win some back with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and marketing automation. Find out how in our informative white paper.

5 Ideas to Drive Sales Through Marketing Automation and Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Learn How Marketing Automation Can Benefit Your Sales Team

While best known for the benefits it brings to marketing teams, marketing automation can help departments throughout an organization – particularly sales teams. In recent years, the internet and social media have changed buyer behavior, which has, in turn, changed how companies sell to their buyers. While these changes in buyer behavior present significant challenges to organizations of all kinds and sizes, a marketing automation system combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365 can drive sales success.

Digital Transformation in Sales: Evolving the Art of Customer Engagement

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Sales Force Automation

For sales organizations, customer engagement is about more than touch points—it’s about everything that happens in between personal and digital encounters. Customer engagement requires an organization-wide commitment to creating meaningful connections, building relationships, and nurturing those relationships to establish trust and keep your brand top of-mind.

Moving from DIY to DIFM: How Services can Help Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketers Yield Better Results

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The do-it-yourself (DIY) movement has been everywhere in recent years – including marketing. But over time, marketers have come to realize the inefficiency and frustration that often comes with the DIY approach. Now, DIFM – do it for me – is surging in popularity. Let this white paper be your guide in exploring DIFM and how services can make a difference for marketers in organizations that utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Fifth Edition State of Marketing

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Marketing Technologies

For the fifth edition of our “State of Marketing” report, Salesforce Research surveyed over 4,100 marketing leaders worldwide to discover how:

10 Best Practices for Integrating Your Customer Data

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TIBCO Spotfire

The more information you have and the more effectively you use it, the greater the success you can achieve. The best scenario is when all the systems that manage information are tightly integrated so data can easily be combined to grow a deeper, more intimate understanding of each customer.

Integrating systems to accurately share customer data can be a formidable task, which grows in difficulty depending on the size of your organization and the number of contacts you interact with.