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New Additions with LinkedIn

New Additions with LinkedIn

Wade Burgess, LinkedIn’s Vice President of Talent Solutions stated at their Talent Connect Conference that, “Today, what differentiates an average company from a great company is talent. We are working to connect talent with opportunity at mass scale.”

Combining Marketing Automation and Social Media

Combining Marketing Automation and Social Media

Full-power marketing automation has arrived and it is now affordable and easy for all types of companies to have triggered messages to move potential leads through their sales funnel. Pairing these messages with effective social media campaigns can lead to new, highly targeted viewers who could have a need for your product offerings. Through engaging viewers with helpful content about your company and industry, rather than a more sales-y message, your company’s audience can be expanded and qualified leads for automated follow-up and nurture can be captured.

Social Media and Recruiting

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In today's recruiting age, 93 percent of recruiters utilize social recruiting. Today, companies need to act like marketers and showcase their employer brand to engage with candidates across many platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

A New Era in IT Recruiting

More than ever, human resource professionals need to have access to every type of social and communication platform. This is the gateway for invaluable information about IT candidates and companies. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide the opportunity to interact, research and engage relationships without meeting in person. Another important note, it’s free! On LinkedIn, you can pay for even more access if that makes sense for your organization. Social media has created these shifts in the world of recruiting: