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Introduction to Spotfire Analytics


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TIBCO Spotfire
  • Drag and drop raw datasets into Spotfire for quick, ad-hoc analysis
  • Quickly create outstanding visualizations, hierarchies and filtering to slice and dice your data
  • Deploy Predictive Analytics to add confidence to your analysis
  • Mark, tag and bookmark your important insights
  • Share your analysis for online collaboration and see the Spotfire WebPlayer in action

Applying input rules using JQuery extensions

A common scenario for web-based form is real-time processing of user input. The goal is that processing could perform filtering of certain characters. A perfect example is a form field that should only accept numbers. Prior to HTML 5, that functionality was not natively supported and required additional JavaScript to do the heavy lifting. Even today, we cannot rely on HTML 5 features when creating a webpage with backwards compatibility in mind, therefore we still need to process the user input with JavaScript to ensure proper filtering on older browsers. 

MVC Email Generation with Postal

It's been a long time since I needed to generate an email with portions of the content coming from fields in a model/entity used in a web application. There are a several ways to do this with the most basic being a mail merge of sorts from a text file or string with embedded placeholders ({0}, {1}, {2}) for the replacement values. Since I am using MVC, I wanted to see if there was an easier approach leveraging Razor views and ran across the Postal library, which is also available via NuGet.

What Talent Wants

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IT Staffing

The best recruiters know what talent wants. They understand their candidates’ deepest motivations and aspirations and use this knowledge to keep star talent satisfied and engaged throughout the recruitment process.

Alas, we can’t give you super intuition powers. So instead, we surveyed over 20,000 professionals in 29 countries to discover exactly want talent wants throughout their job search journey—and how you as a recruiter can exceed expectations every step of the way.

Integration: Why “Good Enough” Doesn’t Cut It

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TIBCO Spotfire

Digitalization—the process of exploiting digital information to maximize business success—has increased the value of your data to the point where it is arguably your most important asset. You need it for customer interactions, business processes, services, decisions—all parts of the business—and it’s abundant, both inside and outside your organization. However, the fact that it exists is not the same as that it’s available and actionable.

That’s why—no matter what size your organization—integration is a capability you must master.

NXP Semiconductors Controls Margins with Spotfire Analytics

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TIBCO Spotfire

NXP Semiconductors creates solutions that enable secure connections for a smarter world. In the semiconductor industry, constant margin improvement is a common challenge, and no different for NXP. “We have a complex sales model in which we sell our products directly to customers and also through distributor channels,” explains Liesbet Wouters, senior business process expert.

Uploading a file to Microsoft CRM using JavaScript

I recently had a need to upload a file to Microsoft CRM as an attachment to a note (from within CRM) using a custom button on the ribbon and some JavaScript. After doing some research, I kept finding examples that worked but they required using a function in VBScript to convert binary data to a base-64 ASCII string. I didn’t want to have to use a VBScript function since my customer does not require their users to use Internet Explorer.

Spaces vs. Empty Strings in TSQL

Recently, I was running some SQL queries when I came across an oddity that I previously was unaware of. In the UI of our project, we were having some strange validation issues. Data was being binded to text fields and sometimes text fields (that appeared blank) were correctly validated as being empty, but other times they appeared to have a value. I ended up highlighting the value of the textbox to ensure that it was blank and noticed that some of the fields actually had a space value in them (' ').