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Convert XML to .NET Classes

Even though JSON is more frequently used for data interchange now, I still find myself dealing with the serialization and de-serialization of XML data from time to time. In .NET, building the classes to support the XML structure can be time consuming and tedious for complex data.

Journey to Working Social

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Microsoft SharePoint

Wondering how Enterprise Social Networking can transform the way you work? Start your journey to working social with this step-by-step guide.

Turning Data into Actionable Insight at Mind Springs Health


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Behavioral healthcare organizations collect massive amounts of data every day. Translating all of this complex data into meaningful, actionable information is a significant challenge.

During this 45-minute webinar, Mind Springs Health will demonstrate how they use Tableau and visual analysis to improve operations and enhance patient care using the power of their own data.

They’ll discuss and show how to use Tableau to:

CRM is Changing....and Its Value is Greater than Ever


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

There is no doubt that what CRM was 10 years ago, five years ago and even three years ago is something different than it is now. However, what has remained consistent with CRM is the value that you get from implementing a strategy, program and the systems and technology to support it. How has it changed? What do you have to concern yourself with as the demands of customers and employees transform? What are the things you have put in place to optimize the return you will get on the systems you install?

Creating a Date From MS CRM JSON

I was recently working with MS CRM and returning a collection of objects. Each object has a date property. Of course, when I looked at the value of the date that was being returned, it wasn't really usable. Below is an example of one of the objects that was returned:

[code language="javascript"]


    "__metadata": {

        "uri": "http://crm2013dev:5555/CompanyXYZ/XRMServices/2011/OrganizationData.svc/new_widgetSet(guid'9fdaa01d-0604-e511-80f3-00155d010210')",

Challenge the Conventions: Innovation, Design and Business Transformation in BI


Business intelligence (BI) technology has leapt forward with the development of data discovery software. However, the approach many organizations take to BI and analytics has not improved at the same rate. Too often their approach is influenced by outmoded ideas. These ideas shut down possibilities, constraining what organizations do with BI, how they approach it and the value they aspire to deliver from their data.

CRM 2015 for Mobile – Customizing the Subgrid Command Bar

When it comes to CRM 2013/2015, the difficulties in customizing a subgrid’s command bar are well known. You can’t add buttons and you can’t change the image or tooltip for the existing buttons, so you’re left with replacing only the functionality of the existing buttons or requiring your users to visit the associated view to use a custom button.

BNL Transfers to Digital Banking and Reduces TCO by 25 Percent

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TIBCO Spotfire

For its new always-on, all-digital Hello bank! project, BNL’s goal was to improve customer acquisition by providing the most innovative, customer-focused banking services. The project called for implementing new technology as well as staying on top of technological innovations. There were a few obstacles. “We needed to transition from traditional, manual workflows to digital business processes,” says Federico Pastore, program manager for BNL’s TIBCO Competency Center. “We wanted to reduce costs and move from centralized back-office management to distributed management.

Why Cloud? Got it. Now, How Cloud?

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For the last few years we’ve been hearing about the benefits (and all the permutations!) of the cloud. And at this point, many of us agree the benefits are sizable and beneficial. So, let’s say you’ve finally agreed that it’s time to move to the cloud – what’s next?