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Seeing IT as the Technical Hero

Seeing IT as the Technical Hero

As technology continues to evolve in every department of a company, technically-savvy employees are going to become more valuable than ever before. With this shift, IT is becoming an integral part of the sales and marketing process.

QlikView in the Enterprise: IT Technology Trends - Big Data, Mobile, Social and Cloud


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Regardless of where you work in IT, there are a few key trends which have been changing the IT landscape. Over the past decade trends like Data, Mobile, Social and Cloud are influencing how organizations are thinking about their strategy. To keep up with these key trends you have to adapt, evolve and transform.

In this one hour webinar, we will cover:

AJAX Error Handling with JQuery

I was recently working on a website that was heavily reliant on AJAX requests. JQuery has a lot of methods to define and process AJAX requests in a convenient fashion, but I noticed that one feature JQuery offers is often overlooked by developers, even though it was added back in version 1.0. 

The Evolution of Cloud Technology

The Evolution of Cloud Technology

There is no debate. If you are not using cloud technology, then your company will be at a major disadvantage. A recent study found that 84 percent of surveyed respondents increased their cloud use, 39 percent of respondents indicated their companies increased cloud use significantly. With cloud technology becoming such a staple in businesses today, the benefits and the “why” for cloud technology have begun to change, as companies are seeking more ways to utilize the new normal.

Creating Linked Data without Foreign Keys

I was helping to prepare a demo for a customer that contained two related entities, but, unfortunately, the customer didn’t give us the foreign key between the two sets of data. Fortunately, we can use Excel to create an artificial relationship for the purpose of a demo.

As an example, assume you have accounts and contacts in your system and each contact should have a foreign key to their parent customer, but in the data you have, that key doesn’t exist. You need to create an artificial relationship for the purposes of a customer demo. It’s easy to do.

Data Blending: A Powerful Method for Faster, Easier Decisions

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Get the facts behind a recent poll from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services of over 500 business leaders and data analysts about their ability to make faster, more informed decisions using more sources of data.

Download this report to get the poll results and learn how data blending gives them an effective, self-service solution to:

Informatica – Generating Mapping Configuration Tasks in ICRT

Informatica – Generating Mapping Configuration Tasks in ICRT

Informatica exposes an endpoint that allows the generation of new mapping configuration tasks. In order to integrate it into an Informatica process, we need to know more about how an action in a service connection needs to be configured in order to communicate with this endpoint.

Outsourcing for Project Success

Outsourcing for Project Success

When a large project is on the line, you want the best team in place to complete the initiative quickly and efficiently. Especially when involving IT initiatives, like customizing and implementing new software systems, it is important to involve the best talent available, whose experience will propel your initiative forward. In some cases, the prime opportunity is to outsource your project management, building strong, profitable relationships in the process.

Tableau in the Cloud with Diamonds


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Diego Medrano, Ryan Janoff and Scott Thompson from Tableau take us through Tableau Online features, tips and tricks. In this webinar, you will cover:

  • How to keep on-premise data fresh
  • How to connect to cloud datasources and keep data up-to-date
  • Scripting
  • SAML
  • Custom branding