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5 Ways Every Sales Rep Can Accelerate Success with Analytics

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For years, companies collected customer data and hoarded it on servers, knowing that is was valuable, but not having the tools to make it easily accessible to everyone. Now companies have a growing number of useful analytics tools that help them make decisions based on facts rather than gut instinct. In fact, a recent Salesforce Research report found that underperforming companies are almost 5.7x more likely than high-performers to rely on their gut instinct instead of data when making strategic business decisions.

Research: Data drives profit in the data-ready enterprise

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Numbers rarely lie, and those we’ve gathered recently show that businesses using data strategically are gaining competitive advantage over those that don’t.

Enterprises with a less-sophisticated grasp of the strategic importance of data are experiencing lower revenue growth and reduced competitiveness, according to “The Data Directive,” an Economist Intelligence Unit study sponsored by systems integrator Wipro and published last year.

5 Secrets to Real-Time Cloud Data Access

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Business Intelligence

How to liberate your data, automate for productivity and embrace mobility.

There can be no doubt that we are entering a new period of information technology.

Cloud computing has crossed the chasm, mobile devices are ubiquitous, and social networks constantly stream masses of data into the ether.

Meanwhile sensor technology continues to advance and heralds a new “The Internet of Things” era.

Cloud Analytics for Dummies

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Business Intelligence

Over the last few years, new buzzwords have cropped up in conference rooms across the world as a result of the oceans of data that new and improved technologies can capture. Cloud analytics. Big data. Hadoop. These words are often used to broadly define solutions for unlocking the secrets that monumental amounts of data can hold. You’ve either been in those meetings (heck, you probably used some of those words yourself without fully understanding their meanings), or you have some new work cut out for you as a direct result of those meetings.

Data Integration for Dummies

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Business Intelligence

Data integration refers to an industry category and a technology designed to make it easy for you to combine different sources of data together to produce useful business information. Those sources may include legacy mainframe databases, modern relational databases, desktop applications, social media comments, blog postings, machine sensor data and so on.

But modern data integration tools shouldn’t be limited to today’s data sources because the best of these tools are also flexible enough to encompass whatever new technology becomes the hot item tomorrow.

Simple FTP File Download/Upload (C#)

Recently, I was working on a solution which required a scheduled download of a hosted file. There are a few samples floating around online of how to do an FTP download/upload, but I figured I would share what I've been using as it is incredibly simple and does the job perfectly.

We utilize WebClient and NetworkCredential, so the System.Net namespace is required. Then, we just supply credentials and call either the DownloadFile() or UploadFile() method which require the source and destination folders - that's it! Below are examples of each.