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Top 10 Best Practices for Migrating Data from On-Premise to the Cloud

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Cloud computing has become an all-but completely compelling choice for most businesses. The clear advantages of moving many IT workloads to the Cloud have become undeniable, including: significant cost reduction, system resilience, sustainability, redundancy, elasticity, user self-service, continuity of business, automated data backup, and more. With a well-planned transition from on-premise to cloud computing, you’ll deliver a greatly enhanced user experience without any disruption!

From Laggard to Leader: How IT Can Drive Business Agility with iPaaS

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For years, the Holy Grail of IT success centered on the department’s ability to build the perfect long-term infrastructure, emphasizing security and regularity for companies and their customers. However, business requirements have changed, and having the right systems in place is no longer enough, leaving many IT departments struggling to tread water as they adapt to a radically altered set of success criteria.

Knowing as Much as the Customer

Has it ever seemed like your customers know more about your company then your company knows about them? Today’s customer is more well-educated than ever before. It is up to your company to proactively stay informed about your customers if you want to continue to build the relationships necessary for your business to thrive. The tools your company uses to achieve that goal could be the key to success. 

Executive Buy-in to the Customer Experience

For any major investment to become successful, it takes total buy-in from all parties. It is not enough anymore to see each customer as a one-way transaction. The customer-business relationship is about the full 360-degree commitment. 

Customer Experience Management

“If you don’t know who the customer is, if you don’t have the foundation of data and knowledge, you don’t have anything.” – Michael Fauscette

Data's Role in Content Marketing

In the world of marketing, increased viewership could mean opening the door to more conversations. More conversations could lead to new clients, long-term relationships and new revenue. However, the debate continues: What type of content should your company be publishing to serve as seeds for those conversations?

Embedding PowerBI Report into CRM Form

With the last spring wave update, Microsoft gave us the ability to embed PowerBI visualizations into CRM dashboards. If we want to display a report on a CRM form, we don’t have a native support to do that just yet.

However there are multiple approaches that allows us to embed a PowerBI report via an iFrame. In this blog post, I’m going to elaborate on the easiest approach and discuss its pros and cons.

5 Steps to Self-Service Analytics that Scale

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The data revolution is here. And self-service analytics has become a given.

But when the business wants access to raw data, it can be disruptive. Selfservice BI challenges the traditional BI methodology and forces IT to take a new approach to analytics.

The modern approach is simple. It’s about IT and the business partnering to deliver self-service data access at scale. It allows secure and governed data to flow into the organization through IT. And it empowers the end user with the software to explore their data.