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Has the CIO Job Description Become Outdated?

Cloud computing was named one of the 12 most disruptive technologies to change the relationship between the CIO and the boardroom. Other disruptive technologies included: mobile internet, automation of knowledge, advanced robotics, energy storage and 3D printing. Disruptive technologies aren’t necessarily negative, but instead a threat to available options. Cloud computing is a game changer, steadily replacing traditional software and services licensing models due to greater technological capabilities and changes in the demands in the market.

It's an IT Employee's Market

You’ve probably heard the real estate terminology “it’s a buyer’s marketing” or “it’s a seller’s market.” These phrases allow you to figure out if you should buy or sell property based on factors affecting the real estate market such as lending interest rates, size of the market, supply and demand, the ability to qualify for a mortgage, etc. Just as in real estate, in the business world there are similar factors that influence the equation when determining if it’s an employer or employee market.

A New Era in IT Recruiting

More than ever, human resource professionals need to have access to every type of social and communication platform. This is the gateway for invaluable information about IT candidates and companies. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide the opportunity to interact, research and engage relationships without meeting in person. Another important note, it’s free! On LinkedIn, you can pay for even more access if that makes sense for your organization. Social media has created these shifts in the world of recruiting:

What Are the Most In-Demand Tech Skills for 2014?

There may be a few changes in skill sets most desired by hiring managers in 2014. Unemployment is close to zero for IT professionals with high-demand skill sets. So what are they? Computerworld conducted a forecast survey of IT executives, and their results are listed below:

If you expect your IT employee head count to increase, for which types of skills will you be hiring in the next twelve months?

Surrounding Yourself With the Right Talent

I'm sure we've all heard the old adage, "competition breeds excellence."  Although mostly applied to athletics, it really holds true to every facet of life, especially the workplace.  I came across an interesting blog post from