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Data Monetization: Use Cases, Implementation, and Added Value

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The data monetization landscape is evolving.

Data is a central resource. Only those who manage to extract value from their data will remain competitive, leading many organizations to seek new ways of creating value from their data. Data monetization is the process of identifying and marketing data or data-based products to generate monetary value.

This survey-based study, conducted by BARC Research, seeks to answer the following questions:

Qlik Data Catalyst

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Qlik Data Catalyst builds a secure, enterprise-scale catalog of all the data your organization has available for analytics, no matter where it is. Powerful, automated data preparation and metadata tools streamline the transformation of raw data into analytics-ready information assets. Business users get a single, go-to data marketplace to find, understand, and use any enterprise data source to gain insights.

Top 2019 IT Hiring Trends

Top 2019 IT Hiring Trends

Research has found that 30% of employers are looking to grow their IT departments next year. Similarly, 25% of IT professionals intend on looking for a new job in 2019. This upcoming year will continue the trend from past years where low employment and in-demand skill sets will mean high salaries for qualified professionals as employers are hungry for top tech talent. As a result, there is a growing focus on skillsets to stand out in this already competitive market.

Drive Your Analytics Evolution: Building an In-House Predictive Modeling Centre of Excellence

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As data analytics spreads throughout your organization, you’ll realize the benefit from having a much greater understanding of your business processes. The capability to predict outcomes improves and efficiency grows. But data science is evolving at a tremendous pace, outstripping the capabilities of traditional analytics departments. With AI, machine learning, prescriptive and predictive analytics taking centre stage in this new analytics era, a modern vision is needed to ensure the organization can get the greatest possible benefit from these game-changing analyses.

Microsoft Envision | Identity + mobile management + security


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Microsoft Power BI

You want to get business done anywhere and everywhere. You must also keep company data safe on mobile devices and cloud apps. When making choices about enterprise mobility, you often have to choose either productivity OR security. Attend this session and see how the combination of identity, mobile management and security help keep your users productive and your company data safe.

Cloud Technology: The Future of Business

Cloud technology has changed the future of business and some believe that it will be the only way businesses will function. It is beneficial for a company of any size and allows flexibility for companies to save money, and free up the necessity to manage complex technologies. Six opportunities cloud technology can enhance your business: Data back up

SharePoint & OneDrive for Business: Protect and Search for Your Sensitive Data

Need to keep your data safe? OneDrive for Business and SharePoint are some of Microsoft's technologies which enable users to store, share, edit and collaborate with documents in the cloud. One benefit of having documents in the cloud is Data Loss Prevention (DLP). These are policies which backup data to prevent losing work or information due to user error or system error. Another facet of DLP is keeping data safe from people who are not authorized to view or edit the data. Microsoft has a new tool available to help accomplish this.