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Big Announcements from Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite took place September 24-28, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. During the conference, Microsoft has made big announcements about new features and products across a variety of business areas.

Cybersecurity Hiring Surge

Cybersecurity Hiring Surge

One of the most popular technical fields currently is cyber security and it is reported that 47 percent of companies are seeking to hire between one and 10 professionals in this field in 2016. With the current employment and popularity boom of cyber security careers, it is more difficult than ever to find top talent to fill these technical openings. A recent study from Cybrany found that 68 percent have noticed a shortage globally in cyber security talent.

Cloud Technology: The Future of Business

Cloud technology has changed the future of business and some believe that it will be the only way businesses will function. It is beneficial for a company of any size and allows flexibility for companies to save money, and free up the necessity to manage complex technologies. Six opportunities cloud technology can enhance your business: Data back up

Small Businesses is Target For Hackers

A growing number of cyberattacks are targeting small businesses, from construction companies to local grocery stores, presenting an emerging threat that government officials are trying to combat.

Gerry Smith the digital affairs reporter for HuffPo wrote a nice piece on a new FCC tool out there to assist smaller business with security audits.  Here is a small piece of it:

Forbes: 2011 CC's Predictions

R "Ray" Wang writing for the Forbes CIO Network this week postulates some impressive psychological and business next steps for cloud computing in 2011.  Saying we are “past the tipping point” already on all 4 major layers in 2010, Wang writes as follows about what 2011 holds in store:

How much time is needed to crack a password by brute-force?

How much time is needed to crack a password by brute-force? If the password cannot be guessed and is not found in a dictionary, the cracker has to try a brute-force attack. When brute-forcing, the time to crack the password depends on the amount of possible passwords that the cracker has to try. The amount of possible passwords increases with password length and with increasing diversity of characters being used (complexity). Let's take the scenario of a cracker trying 15 million passwords per second. This is currently the maximum speed being claimed by password cracker vendors.

CIO resources: Top five technology topics of 2009

Throughout 2009, our midmarket CIO briefings from have covered strategic IT topics to keep our readers abreast of the important IT initiatives and developments during these recessionary times. Here, we pull together the top five IT topics of 2009 based on reader interest and feedback.