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Getting a List of Salesforce Items Without a View

Sometimes, when I’m doing some customizations in Salesforce, I want to see a list of accounts, contacts, leads, etc., but I don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a view. I have to add that it’s not really difficult to create a view, but sometimes you just want to see the data quickly. (There’s also a quick way to get to a form to add a new item as well.) If you want to see or enter the data for a specific record type quickly all you have to do is enter a URL in a specific format: 

Date Comparisons in Dynamic SOQL Queries

When you start development in Salesforce using Apex classes you might struggle at first with building dynamic SOQL queries, specifically when it comes to comparing non-string values - in this example, dates. To start, we have a statement like this which will query active "Resources" objects:

List<Resource__c> resources = Database.query('Select Id, Name FROM Resource__c WHERE Status__c = \'Active\'');

Triggering an Event in Another System Immediately from Salesforce

I’ve been working on integrations between Salesforce and another system. Our standard “pattern” has been to use outbound messages to send a message to our ETL software. It’s been working well – at least until we hit an integration where the performance wasn’t fast enough because it involves a shopping cart operation, often times with someone on the phone waiting for an immediate answer.