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Marketing Technologies

Marketing Technologies make it possible for organizations to automate their customer journey from first impression, sale, loyalty and advocacy; all while being able to track this progress through an integrated sales and marketing pipeline.

As a marketer, you need to create amazing customer experiences across all your channels. At the same time, you need to understand the impact of your marketing investments.

With Marketing Technologies, we help our clients to:

Build pipeline

Build Pipeline

We help clients build a combined sales and marketing pipeline by integrating your CRM and marketing systems into one powerful platform. This provides unprecedented levels of visibility for the sales and marketing teams, and delivers powerful capabilities to move a relationship from first impression to sale to loyal customer.

Manage the customer journey

Manage the Customer Journey

A successful Marketing Technologies program involves campaign management, email marketing, demand generation and lead management processes. These activities and initiatives have to be aligned with buyer needs and expectations at each phase of the buying process. Marketing Technologies now makes it possible to touch each account persona at key junctures of the customer journey with the right content and message. Then automate the next touch point based on persona interests and response-level.

Analyze impact

Analyze Impact

The ability to analyze marketing activity impact on revenue is critical to our client’s success. The essence of marketing lead generation is managing and reporting on all aspects of the campaign, from initial contact to sale. This tight feedback loop of insight-to-reaction enables our clients to refine, target and optimize marketing messages and activities – unleashing the full power of marketing team’s ability to generate leads.

IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Minimize cost, improve security and stabilize systems. We have helped many of the top companies align business strategy with IS/IT programs. These efforts have yielded exceptional costs savings and data security.

Learn more about our IT Consulting services here.

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