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Moving from DIY to DIFM: How Services can Help Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketers Yield Better Results

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The do-it-yourself (DIY) movement has been everywhere in recent years – including marketing. But over time, marketers have come to realize the inefficiency and frustration that often comes with the DIY approach. Now, DIFM – do it for me – is surging in popularity. Let this white paper be your guide in exploring DIFM and how services can make a difference for marketers in organizations that utilize Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Optimizing B2B Marketing Automation: Strategies, Tactics and Tips From the Field

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New Research: Optimizing B2B Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is everywhere today, as more organizations of all sizes adopt this technology and make it more of an essential part of modern marketing.

But for B2B marketers specifically, how do you optimize marketing automation to continually increase business-to-business marketing performance?

To find out, read this research report which includes:

Aligning IT and Marketing: Why and How to Bring These Teams Together

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Thanks to technological advances and sweeping changes in consumer behavior, IT and marketing must converge like never before. But just because these roles need to come together doesn’t mean that they are or that they are working together well.

In Aligning IT and Marketing: Why and How to Bring These Teams Together, we explore:

  • Why IT and marketing need each other
  • Best practices for aligning these two teams
  • How this cross-functional collaboration can benefit entire organizations