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"Real-World" Marketing: Enabling Marketing Throughout the Organization

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Microsoft Dynamic Marketing

This white paper discusses the benefits to organizations and individuals of having access to "real-world"marketing automation capabilities. There is a need within lines of business for access to fundamental marketing capabilities, both within the official marketing department and among the broader employee base. Readers of this white paper will learn how easy-to-use applications coupled with best practices allow companies to execute impactful marketing programs and activities that have direct impact on customer acquisition and retention with the ultimate goal of increased sales.

CRM and Social Networking: Engaging the Social Customer

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

As social networking sites explode in popularity, the hype and interest continue to build. Facebook alone topped 200 million users in 2009 (Wauter 2009). But sorting the fact from the hype can be a challenge. Social networking at a high level is described as the convergence of technologies that make it possible for individuals to easily communicate, share information, and form new communities online.

A 5-Minute Guide to Business Analytics

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TIBCO Spotfire

In Hollywood, nothing is more chic than analytics. On TV shows like CSI and in films like Iron Man, the industry’s most iconic stars depend upon data to help solve crimes or thwart world destruction. Even superheroes rely on solutions accessed at the touch of a finger on a sleek, glowing screen. Hollywood gets it: analytics is sexy. This document shows you how!