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Seven Keys to Data Blending

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Data access and integration is often a stumbling block for business analysts who may want to analyze disparate data, but have a hard time accessing it and getting it ready for analysis. Data blending allows companies a way to bring disparate data together in an analytics dataset without upfront integration into a data warehouse or system of record.

This Alteryx sponsored TDWI Checklist Report helps organizations understand the steps and features that enable data blending such as:

Knowledge Management in Customer Service Report

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Customer Service

Knowledge is the cornerstone of consistent customer service and customer experiences across channels and devices, yet many organizations today are still struggling with this key foundation.

While customer service should be at the forefront of every customer experience initiative, a dated perception of service as a siloed cost center and a job for a few has limited respect and investment. But emerging customer experience leaders are elevating customer service and customer-centricity as a value center and a job for everyone in the organization — and doing the same with knowledge.