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Knowledge Management in Customer Service Report

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Customer Service

Knowledge is the cornerstone of consistent customer service and customer experiences across channels and devices, yet many organizations today are still struggling with this key foundation.

While customer service should be at the forefront of every customer experience initiative, a dated perception of service as a siloed cost center and a job for a few has limited respect and investment. But emerging customer experience leaders are elevating customer service and customer-centricity as a value center and a job for everyone in the organization — and doing the same with knowledge.

BI Trend Monitor 2016

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General Business Intelligence

The IT industry and the world at large have always been subject to technology and business trends, sometimes undergoing major changes, such as the development of the personal computer, client/server computing or the evolution of the Internet. Over the last few years, new trends have emerged that have an enormous influence on how organizations work, interact, communicate, collaborate and protect themselves.