Transforming Your Business Through Data: How to Choose a Modern Analytics Platform

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Choosing the best analytics platform for your business

Businesses everywhere are using analytics to transform: Reinventing customer experiences. Reimagining processes. Discovering surprising revenue streams. And finding new ways to gain an edge. They understand a basic truth in today’s economy: No enterprise can lead – or even survive – without analytics.

But not all platforms are created equal. And choosing the right one is essential to making discoveries that have the power to drive real change.

This guide is designed to help you choose the best analytics platform for your business. We’ll start by diving into high-level considerations like value, stakeholders, and TCO. Then we’ll cover the broad range of analytics use cases most businesses encounter, with the key evaluation criteria for each. Finally, we’ll zoom out and look at broader platform capabilities, plus additional considerations like training, support, adoption, and pricing models.