From Laggard to Leader: How IT Can Drive Business Agility with iPaaS

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Business Intelligence

For years, the Holy Grail of IT success centered on the department’s ability to build the perfect long-term infrastructure, emphasizing security and regularity for companies and their customers. However, business requirements have changed, and having the right systems in place is no longer enough, leaving many IT departments struggling to tread water as they adapt to a radically altered set of success criteria.

The results of a recent IDG Research1 survey reveal just how concerned IT decision makers are about meeting new requirements. Fewer than half of respondents rated their organizations’ progress as being above average in terms of meeting end-user expectations, and 22 percent said their progress was below average.

With cloud applications creating a business world focused on speed and performance, information-driven business users need the ability to quickly leverage the deluge of data in and across their technology systems. They have to meet new customer demands with increased agility, and IT has been tasked with empowering these business users during their time of need.

But IT, which has long viewed speed and agility as the antithesis of security and reliability, is struggling to keep pace with the new world of business and often shoulders the blame for failing to provide business units with the information they need, when they need it. IT needs to reinvent itself and rethink its toolset, beginning by adopting an integration platform that focuses on agility, speed and innovation while also continuing to provide security and regularity.