Introducing the Lightning Experience: A Whole New Salesforce, A Whole New Way to Sell

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When the first CRM systems were created, they were primarily a tool for managers. A sales manager would monitor the basic functions of THE team and have some sense of what THE sales cycle was like throughout the quarter.

Fast forward to present day, and CRM systems such as Salesforce are light-years ahead of where they began. No longer a tool just for managers, CRM systems are powerful tools that can be leveraged by sales professionals, field reps, operations specialists, and employees at all levels. Reporting, dashboards, forecasting, activities — all this functionality is standard out of the box.

And yet, the sales world is constantly changing, and so are the demands of customers. With all of that as inspiration, Salesforce has evolved— again— into a CRM that makes you sell faster, smarter and exactly the way you want to. This new stage in Salesforce’s evolution is a culmination of everything we’re about: speed, intelligence, innovation and success. In the following pages, we’d like to introduce you to the Lightning Experience – A Whole New Salesforce, A Whole New Way to Sell.