Fifth Edition State of Marketing

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Marketing Technologies

For the fifth edition of our “State of Marketing” report, Salesforce Research surveyed over 4,100 marketing leaders worldwide to discover how:

  • Cross-functional dynamics are shifting to satisfy customer and business demands
  • Data—and how it’s used—is transforming how marketers operate
  • Personalization is becoming more refined at the crossroads of intelligence and trust
  • New standards of engagement are inspiring and challenging marketers

Data in this report is from a double-blind survey conducted from August 13 through September 23, 2018, that generated 4,101 responses from full-time marketing leaders—those holding a manager or higher leadership role. Survey respondents are from North America, Latin America, AsiaPacific, and Europe. All respondents are third-party panelists (not limited to Salesforce customers). For further survey demographics, see page 56.

Due to rounding, not all percentage totals in this report equal 100%. All comparison calculations are made from total numbers (not rounded numbers).