Embedded Analytics: Turning Data-Driven Apps into Actionable Insights

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Business Intelligence

The shift from IT-centric business intelligence to data driven analytics is accelerating. The traditional model of business intelligence – query-based, limited data sets, reports that take days or weeks – can no longer keep up with the demands of modern business. 


What’s driving this trend is the exponential growth in data, its complexity– and the increasing awareness of the power of that data by everyone from the CEO to the rank-and-file business user. As data pours in from both inside and outside systems, business intelligence is under pressure to keep pace and produce near real-time processing and analysis. Data characteristics, contexts, behaviors and interplay across evolving business ecosystems continue to grow and change. 

Insights, not reports, are the new currency of business, and nearly every role relies on the insights gleaned from analytics to succeed at their job. These business users increasingly expect sophisticated analytics in the palm of their hands, delivered in an engaging, consumer-like experience. This is driving organizations of every size, in every industry, to look beyond BI as they build and embed analytics into the business process backbone of the enterprise – and deliver actionable insights to everyone from frontline business user to the broader ecosystem of partners, suppliers, and even customers. 


Transforming data into insights – and providing a broader scope of decision-making, increasingly more automated – is putting pressure on development teams to leverage best-in-class web and open source technologies to build new classes of applications and to integrate analytics into operational workflows, search and data presentation. Time to market, reusability, short learning curve, cloud and infrastructure-ready are all key considerations.