Connect to Your Customers Faster with the Lightning Summer '16 Release

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Customer Service

Did you know that 77 percent of customers say they are not engaged with the companies with which they do business? It’s a disheartening statistic, but not entirely surprising. Customers are generating massive amounts of data via countless digital interactions and connected devices, yet companies aren’t really taking advantage of this data; they’re analyzing less than 1 percent of all customer data. What a waste of customer insight! Companies need to close this engagement gap by harnessing customer data to create deeper, more meaningful experiences for customers.

At Salesforce, our goal is simple: Help you become a customer company. A customer company is one whose business model is laser-focused on creating long-term relationships with its customers. We aim to provide everything you need to achieve a new kind of customer success. That’s why we deliver innovation three times a year, jam-packed with 150+ features each release. These seamless, automatic upgrades are truly future-proof, and go out to all our customers. There is only one version of Salesforce, and every customer benefits from our multi-tenant architecture. We have democratized software to help you connect to your customers in entirely new ways, run your business from your phone, build 1:1 customer journeys, and get smarter about your customers.

With Salesforce’s 50th major release, the Customer Success Platform has been struck by Lightning.