5 Ways Every Sales Rep Can Accelerate Success with Analytics

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Business Intelligence

For years, companies collected customer data and hoarded it on servers, knowing that is was valuable, but not having the tools to make it easily accessible to everyone. Now companies have a growing number of useful analytics tools that help them make decisions based on facts rather than gut instinct. In fact, a recent Salesforce Research report found that underperforming companies are almost 5.7x more likely than high-performers to rely on their gut instinct instead of data when making strategic business decisions. Analytics has been a real game-changer for sales, making it easier for teams to get deeper insights into what strategies work, and what deals and opportunities they should focus on. This makes it easier to form plans of action and move faster.

Every day, your customers and prospects are generating massive amounts of data that tell you exactly how to sell to them. They meet with reps, open your emails, download marketing content, contact customer service, and engage on social media. We can help you unlock that information, connect the dots, and run with it.