5 Steps to Self-Service Analytics that Scale

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Business Intelligence

The data revolution is here. And self-service analytics has become a given.

But when the business wants access to raw data, it can be disruptive. Selfservice BI challenges the traditional BI methodology and forces IT to take a new approach to analytics.

The modern approach is simple. It’s about IT and the business partnering to deliver self-service data access at scale. It allows secure and governed data to flow into the organization through IT. And it empowers the end user with the software to explore their data.

Tableau is at the forefront of this revolution. With Tableau, people can easily connect to, visualize, and analyze their data, and find insights. They can then securely share and collaborate across their organization. This approach provides significant value and is quickly making self-service BI the new normal.

Ready to take the modern approach? Here are five steps to ensure safe, secure, and governed results.