2019 Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends: The Dawn of Postmodern Analytics

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In a world where information is power, we need postmodern analytics – analytics that decentralize data ownership and deliver high-caliber performance that easily scales to the masses. In 2019, we'll see this begin to emerge, as the technology shifts toward making data accessible to all people and all organizations.

  1. Multi-Cloud, hybrid, and edge will form a continuum.
  2. Workloads - not just data - will be distributed.
  3. Centralized data will be replaced by a single view of all data.
  4. Analytics embedded in the process will reshape the process.
  5. External innovation will outpace internal innovation by 2X.
  6. Performance and scale will re-take center stage.
  7. AI will make analytics more human, not less.
  8. Visualization, conversation, and presentation technologies will merge.
  9. Data literacy will become a KPI.
  10. Platforms will evolve info systems.