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The Marketing Automation Field Guide

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Welcome to The Marketing Automation Field Guide – Getting Started with Marketing Automation for Dynamics CRM! This resource is here to help you gain an understanding of what marketing automation is, why it’s an essential tool for modern marketing departments and businesses as a whole, how marketers can convince their decisionmakers to invest in marketing automation, how to choose a marketing automation solution, and much more.

2016 Marketing with Microsoft CRM Idea eBook

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Microsoft Dynamic Marketing

There has been a lot written about how to make marketers who use Microsoft Dynamics CRM more effective. Here are some of the top articles to give you ideas for how you could use Dynamics CRM in your marketing efforts. The articles are grouped into a few broad categories to help organize the content. 

Research: Data drives profit in the data-ready enterprise

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Numbers rarely lie, and those we’ve gathered recently show that businesses using data strategically are gaining competitive advantage over those that don’t.

Enterprises with a less-sophisticated grasp of the strategic importance of data are experiencing lower revenue growth and reduced competitiveness, according to “The Data Directive,” an Economist Intelligence Unit study sponsored by systems integrator Wipro and published last year.