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What every small business CEO needs to know about customer service

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It’s risky business, starting a company. Not only do you have to launch a product, outflank the competition and grow a customer base, but you also have to make payroll each week. When you’re that busy, customer service can seem like just another box you need to check off. Wrong! Offering awesome customer service can help you build better products and stronger relationships with customers so you reduce risk and grow your business faster than ever. Here’s what every small business CEO needs to know to make customer service their secret weapon for success.

Collaborative Hiring: Leveraging Social Software to Hire the Best Talent

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IT Staffing

The hiring process is a social activity. The way we source, screen, engage, interview and select candidates is all about connecting with people.

Collaboration is about results and working with people to achieve those results. Businesses consistently use collaboration to achieve their goals. Today's recruiting technology brings the best of both together.

Collaborative hiring is the process of working with people to identify and hire the best talent for the organization.

Asking the Right Questions: How to Evaluate Marketing Automation

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If you're considering a marketing automation solution, you're proabably familiar with the benefits: incredible productivity, targeted engagement, alignment with sales and serious insight into what's working and what isn't. However, the truth is that not everyone who adopts marketing automation is thrilled with the results. That's why, as you evaluate solutions for your business, you'll want to know: which factors make the difference between dissatisfaction and success and what do companies who succeed with marketing automation have in common?