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Turn Sales Managers into Sales Leaders

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Finding effective sales leadership is a notorious pain point in many organizations. Sales managers are tasked with managing and improving the sales activities of entire teams, in addition to their own responsibilities such as forecasting, reporting, and development. With so much on their plates, it can be a challenge for sales managers to become true sales leaders.

Your Complete CRM Handbook

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CRM is much more than a buzzy acronym that’s been tossed around the business and sales world for the past decade or so.

With a CRM application, there’s no secret formula. It simply manages most of your critical customer information so that you can see it all in one place. Without leaving the app, you can view contact info, follow up via email or social media, manage tasks and track your performance, among other benefits. Implementing the right CRM can increase sales efficiency. You can close more deals, boost sales and improve forecast accuracy.

Small Business, Big Impact

Technology has changed the game for small businesses. Where small department size was once a hindrance, it can now be an advantage. Where small, newly-established infrastructures used to mean less stability, they can now mean more agility and flexibility.

Simplifying the Modern Sales Cycle

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The sales cycle has grown exponentially more complex.

Where once there were only a handful of touchpoints, customers are now engaging with companies on dozens of channels and require more information and guidance than ever before to make a purchase decision.

Managing this new sales cycle can present a major challenge to sales teams unaccustomed with its new scale and complexity. It requires a deeper understanding of the process, along with the right tools to manage it.