Credit Union Attains 360 Degree View of its Member Interactions and Gains Valuable Insight with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

G&F Financial Group was facing pressures to provide more insight into its member’s interactions with the institution.

It became evident to G&F Financial Group that this would be a major undertaking if they were to continue working with their existing custom CRM application, an application based off legacy technology and not easily extendible.

The deployment of a new virtual Member Hub contact centre provided a pristine opportunity to deploy a new CRM system and allow G&F Financial Group to set the stage for future expansion. This new CRM system would need to be a pillar for their virtual Member Hub, which would specifically focus on serving customers using remote channels – while providing the company insight into all aspects of the member’s interactions.

The new CRM system would also need to allow employees to be mobile and allow those on the road to view member’s interactions with G&F Financial Group.