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The Savvy HR Leader’s Guide to Digital Recruiting

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IT Staffing

Attract the right talent—and help your teams succeed

Learn how to create a seamless, effective hiring process that accelerates onboarding and talent success with this digital recruiting e-book. As an HR leader, you know how tough recruiting has become. Get the tips and insights you need to help attract top-notch talent and begin your HR transformation to rise above the competition.

In this eBook, you’ll find advice you can implement right away, including:

Digital Transformation in Sales: Evolving the Art of Customer Engagement

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Sales Force Automation

Sales organizations are undergoing a paradigm shift, driven by digital transformation, to deliver meaningful customer engagement.  Advance beyond agent productivity and capitalizing on technology’s ability to deliver key insights and predictive analytics.

Read this eBook where you’ll learn: 

  • Where your organization sits within the digital transformation journey
  • Which group you fit into—Skeptics, Followers, Strivers, or Drivers
  • How to make a successful transition to a digital-first sales team

Five Daunting Sales and Marketing Gaps

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Sales Force Automation

Learn about the five gaps that could be costing you time, customers, and profit in this eBook. Discover how to close those gaps and transform your people, process, and technology to better serve your customer. You’ll also learn how to:

Data Monetization: Use Cases, Implementation, and Added Value

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The data monetization landscape is evolving.

Data is a central resource. Only those who manage to extract value from their data will remain competitive, leading many organizations to seek new ways of creating value from their data. Data monetization is the process of identifying and marketing data or data-based products to generate monetary value.

This survey-based study, conducted by BARC Research, seeks to answer the following questions:

Best-of-the-Best: The 5 Pillars of Building an Industry Leading Service Organization

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Digital transformation means nothing without an effective information structure.

As engagement models evolve – and customer expectations change – so must the way you align your service offerings with your investments in people. While the professional services marketplace continues to evolve, service organizations have begun to look for a more balanced approach to improving customer interactions.

Protect Customer Relationships with Priority Support

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Customer Service

As your company has grown, your software solutions have grown with you. You've customized systems and processes to suit your business goals. You've done a pretty good job of keeping ahead of technical debt. Your internal support teams are super busy but not overwhelmed. Disruptions happen but are at a minimum. Moreover, your users — salespeople, service agents, marketing managers — can do their jobs using the software you've got installed, and with minimal complaints.

You're doing good, but you know you can do better.

3 KPIs That Measure Operational Excellence

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Customer Relationship Management

The success of any business depends on the success of its operations. So how do you ensure that success? In this e-book we’ll explore three key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help move you toward operational excellence. From addressing disruption events, to managing IT productivity, to maximizing CRM adoption and engagement, these KPIs will provide you with valuable intelligence on how your business is doing, and what it could be doing better.

Leading the Future of Field Service: Connecting Field Service Management to the Internet of Things

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Field Service

Kevin Ashton founded the Auto-ID Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has done pioneering work in radio-frequency identification and sensor technology.

Ashton is known for coining the term “the Internet of Things” to describe a system where the Internet is connected to the physical world via ubiquitous sensors. In 2015, he spoke at a European customer service conference and noted that field service management is the first industry being transformed by IoT.

Five Reasons Data Engineers Should Consider API Management Tools

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TIBCO Spotfire

Data engineers and analytics development teams already use data virtualization tools to create reusable data services or data APIs that access, transform, and deliver analytic data.

They use the services often to do heavy-lifting reads quickly, securely, and with high performance. The data services can then be coalesced into a common data layer that can support a wide range of analytic and applications use cases.