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Say Hello to Einstein Voice: Salesforce Ushers in New Era of Conversational CRM

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Einstein Voice Assistant will transform the way people work, allowing them to get personalized daily briefings and make conversational updates to Salesforce via the Salesforce Mobile App or smart speaker of their choice

Admins will be able to build customer-facing Einstein Voice Bots connected to Salesforce, delivering more engaging, branded experiences with clicks, not code


4 Steps to Transforming Your Sales Process

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Sales Force Automation

Today’s biggest business trends revolve around helping companies provide exceptional customer experiences. These include big data insights that reveal and predict customer needs, integrated platforms that enable end-to-end personalization, and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that automate and scale tasks that used to be painfully manual and time-consuming.

Blazing New Trails

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Customer Relationship Management

The new customer experience is always on: connected across every digital channel, and over both in-store and online interactions. Every customer’s relationship with your organization forges a unique path to brand loyalty and advocacy.

Delivering Safer Apps with Docker Enterprise and Windows Server

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Infrastructure and Data Integration Platforms

Security is a journey not a destination. What’s been deployed today may be found to have a vulnerability tomorrow. Operating systems like Windows Server 2003 and 2008, which were once trusted building blocks for critical applications, are now potential liabilities as time goes on and maintenance comes to an end and can open organizations to unnecessary security risks that are difficult to fix.