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2015 U.S. State of Multichannel Customer Service Report

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Customer Service

As customer service and customer experience become key differentiators for brands and organizations across all industries, it has never been more important to know as much as you can about your customers and their expectations for service and engagement across channels.

Start-up Trupanion and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Help Ease the Minds and Hearts of Pet-Owners


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Trupanion, a medical insurance company for pets is helping to keep financial decisions from getting between pet owners and their pets. To keep pace with this fast-growing startup, Trupanion needed a flexible, robust CRM system that would free customer service reps to focus more on customers and less on data-surfing. Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Unified Service Desk provides a desktop with all the data reps need to provide great service, and the ability to configure the information pipeline as the business changes.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring '14 Overview of Unified Service Desk


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Bring multiple apps together inside the new Unified Service Desk in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In this video, Matthew Barbour gives you a heads-up on this agent desktop designed around multi-channel interaction management and control that comes with the Spring '14 update. Features include agent scripting, the ability to manage concurrent sessions and configurable toolbars.

Customer self-service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Make it easy for customers to solve issues on their own. Provide a customizable online support portal that leverages an organized, searchable knowledge base to deliver real-time updates, consistent answers to service questions and product and service information and documentation. With the ability to submit cases directly from the self-service portal, brands can get the right case to the right agent for fast and effective service resolution.

Considerations for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Upgrade


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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Ready for an Upgrade? There’s a lot to consider when upgrading or moving into the cloud. That’s why we’re proud to have Suneel Mathur, CTO of Dynamics Services, and Kevin Bowling, Microsoft Consulting Services Solution Architect, at our latest webinar: Dynamics CRM: Considerations for an Upgrade.

They’ll walk through the latest market trends, new product features and discuss the things to consider when deciding on whether an upgrade is right for your business/organization. 

3 ways healthcare providers are transforming data from information to insight

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You work hard to cure patients every day. Is your data doing everything it can to help too?

Big city hospitals and rural clinics share more than the goal to deliver outstanding patient care. Both strive to accomplish this against the backdrop of unrelenting pressure for cost containment, resource maximization, regulatory compliance and safety considerations.

Social Technology Weaves an Enterprise Together

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Microsoft SharePoint

Textile and apparel giant Esquel deploys Yammer, SharePoint and Office365 to bring modern vitality to a traditional business sector. Benefits:

  • A more unified, transparent and dynamic organization
  • Improved morale - From smoother onboarding to longer staff retention
  • Productivity gains that add up to an estimated $2 million a year

7 Trends in the Cloud

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Platform & Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing and hosted solutions have forever changed how companies operate. As cloud solutions become a standard in business infrastructure, people are looking for cloud adoption strategies that work. This eBook covers:

  • How cloud data and on-premise data work together
  • Why IT is now championing the cloud
  • Why data fortresses are relics of the past
  • How identity works across different services

Smart Business Practices: Using CRM Improve Business Analytics, Save Time

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

In recent years, Wipro has seen a significant economic slowdown and slower traction with global customers. However, it has maintained its leadership, growing at 20 percent CAGR over the last six years. A prime reason for this is to be found in its journey with CRM. From a platform standpoint, it grew from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011. From a process maturity view, it has over 80 percent active users.