Access Denied: Position Yourself for Your Next Big Break

You put yourself out there. Your resume is on all the major job boards. You feel optimistic your cell phone and Inbox will be flooded with companies wanting to snatch you up before their competitors do. Then… Reality hits and you have NO phone calls, NO emails, and even more devastating, NO Interviews!

I came across an article on that I think can be really beneficial to the average job seeker. The article entitled, “Three Reasons No One is Asking You In For an Interview,” takes the time to highlight three very real possibilities of why some job seekers may not be getting their resume in front of the right people. When searching for the next career move, it’s always important to make sure one understands the marketplace and employers, especially when it comes to how they select candidates. The reasons explained in the article might just be the ticket the job seeker needs to get their next big break. If anything, they will make the job seeker take a step back and analyze how they are marketing themselves and how to leverage their presence in the hiring market.

The majority of major companies today utilize software for the initial selection process, so it’s essential to understand keyword searches, tags and industry-wide job titles. Knowing this will really help make sure one’s resume pops up with the rest. By clicking HERE, you can read more about how to make sure your resume gets in front of the right people.

For the rest of the article CLICK HERE

-C.E. Greenbauer

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