Job of the Week: Help Desk Manager

April 22nd, 2014

This week we are seeking a Help Desk Manager that will lead a team of desktop technology professionals for our client’s international headquarters in Phoenix, AZ. This individual ensures the desktop systems are performing optimally, resilient, and highly available. They will also provide a point of escalation both internally to the desktop technology team as well as other technology teams for the purpose of troubleshooting, service design considerations, application performance analysis, and other tasks in support of the overall technology strategies.Now hiring on keyboard

Duties & Requirements Include:

  • Minimum 8 years’ related experience
  • 3 – 5 years’ in a supervisorial or managerial position over a technical team specializing in network technologies
  • Strong customer service skills in supporting users of all skill levels

To apply or see the full list of responsibilities and qualifications required, visit the TopLine Strategies Technical Careers Page.

How to Recruit Passive Candidates Online [Infographic]

April 21st, 2014

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Tech Wages Hit All-Time High

April 16th, 2014

In the latest analysis of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ data, it reported that the average hourly salary for tech consultants is at an all-time high, hitting $42.17 in February. Also hitting an all-time high is the amount of tech pros’ hours worked, which increased to 38.8 hours per week.

As an HR Professional, how do you pinpoint the best and brightest of what’s sure to be a growing pool of technology-talent-for-hire?

The answer—communication! This includes the willingness of both the employer and consultant to make clear their expectations, needs, resources available and timelines. Engaging in question and answer sessions while actively listening to the consultants is crucial. As is building a relationship with the consultant for current and future projects.

What do you pay these valuable professionals?

First you need to decide what skills you’re willing to pay for and exactly what you want out of the partnership. As an HR professional or hiring manager, understand that consultants are not one-size-fits all. You will be in a better position to execute on a strategy to attract the best consultants for your company’s technology projects if you can tailor the type of skills you are seeking and what you can pay.

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Job of the Week: UI Developer

April 14th, 2014

This week we are seeking a UI Developer for a client in Phoenix. Can you turn ideas and concepts into a fully functional and high availability Web application available on multiple devices such as smartphone, tablet and laptop/desktop utilizing standards compliant HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? If yes, this is the position for you!Now hiring. Hand. Keyboard key

Our client is a company with an outstanding employees who are customer-focused, technology-oriented, proud and passionate team members who are located across the United States. They take pride in each individual’s commitment to providing quality products and services, as well as delighting customers by helping them improve their business and bottom line.

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Contract Position, 6 months

Qualifications and Skills:

  • 5+ years’ Web UI experience
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, math or science-related field or similar experience preferred
  • Ability to work effectively within a small team with minimal supervision
  • Expert level HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills are required with demonstrated ability to solve complex browser and web related problems

To apply or see the full list of responsibilities and qualifications required, visit the TopLine Strategies Technical Careers Page.

Q2 2014 Job Forecast

April 8th, 2014

CareerBuilder recently released their U.S. jobs outlook for second quarter which predicts certain industries are expected to outperform the national average for hiring. Information Technology (IT) specifically is among the industries projected to lead in job creation.

In our previous blog post we discussed temporary employment. In the second quarter, about 1 in 3 employers (33%) say they’ll hire temporary or contract workers over the next three months; up 1% from 2% this time last year. Additionally, more than a quarter of employers (26%) plan to transition some of these folks into permanent employees; up by 2% from last year.q2forecast

“While employment has not yet reached an ideal level, the U.S. is moving closer to the tipping point for substantial job growth. The economy is expanding, the housing market is recovering, consumer confidence is up and companies are starting to tap into cash reserves to invest – these are all good signs. As these trends strengthen, we expect hiring to hold steady in the second quarter and gain ground in the back half of the year.” – Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder and co-author of The Talent Equation.

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Job of the Week: Senior Business Intelligence Analyst

April 7th, 2014

This week we are hiring for a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst. Our client, highly established and one of the largest logistics company in the U.S., is seeking a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst. This position will design and implement Business Intelligence software and systems, as well as integrate these systems with databases and data warehouses.

Primary responsibilities include gathering and documenting requirements as well as designing, developing and deploying BI solutions to end users. This position will also be responsible for ensuring high levels of availability and recoverability for reporting services and data. This is a career-level position which requires experience and proficiency in the discipline.

Now hiring. Hand. Keyboard key

This client has the resources that allow their employees to be successful with robust training programs, best-in-class technology and experienced management.

The position location is open to either Chandler, AZ or New Orleans, LA.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent experience).
  • Minimum 7 years’ experience working within Business Intelligence environment.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience with reporting tools such as SSRS, SSAS, SSIS, Business Objects, Power Pivot, Tableau.
  • Knowledge and demonstrated ability using T-SQL or PL/SQL in a relational database environment.
  • Comprehensive data warehouse analysis and design experience, with full knowledge of data warehouse methodologies and data modeling.
  • Exposure to ETL and understanding of best practices.
  • Strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Rotating on call support duty.

To apply or see the full list of responsibilities and qualifications required, visit the TopLine Strategies Technical Careers Page.

What Knowledge Workers Want: Flexibility

April 4th, 2014

When it comes to work, what does the word “flexible” mean to you? For many of us, it’s a matter of both time and space. It’s having a degree of freedom from our employer to decide where and when to work.

This second blog in our series on “What Knowledge Workers Want” explores the where of flexibility—A.K.A. telecommuting. Thanks to advances in communications technology and widespread internet access, more people are telecommuting in the U.S. now than ever before (even more than those commuting via public transportation).

Want to know where, and who, the telecommuters are? Spoiler alert! Many are in Colorado and working in information technology (IT) careers.

Where are the telecommuters? 

Cities with the most telecommuters are generally high-tech, information-based economies. Among America’s 52 largest metro areas with over 1 million people, Denver has the 3rd highest telecommuting rate—greater than 6%. Among smaller U.S. cities with over 25,000 people, Boulder has the 3rd highest telecommuting rate—nearly 12%, about three times the national average.IMG_1264

Denver, Boulder, and other cities with high telecommuting rates tend to be younger and more tech savvy than the rest of the country. They have attracted large populations of millennials, who embrace new work arrangements and the tools that make remote work possible. These cities also have high concentrations of careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Who telecommutes?

According to a recent survey by, some of the most flexible and highest-paying positions are in IT, software, and related careers. Many of these roles make efficient use of telecommuting, because they require large chunks of independent and uninterrupted time. For example, a senior IT project manager earns about $99K a year, on average, and 50% of people in this career say they are allowed to do their job from home most or all of the time.

If you want to recruit the best IT talent, it is important to consider these trends. For some people, having the flexibility to telecommute from time-to-time may be more than a mild preference; it may be a real expectation. At the same time, most of us also understand that telecommuting is a privilege, and it’s all about trust and communication. As employees, we need to deliver consistent results whether we’re in the office or at a coffee shop, and we need to keep in touch.


Rise in Temporary Employment

April 1st, 2014

Since the last recession, more and more employers have made use of temporary employment. This trend will more than likely continue through 2014.

According to CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI), more than 2.9 million U.S. workers were employed in temporary jobs in 2013, jumping 28% since 2010 and outpacing the 5% growth rate for all jobs.

This makes sense for companies for the following reasons:Fotolia_41052839_XS

  • Reduced Hiring Risks: You are always needing to do more with less. By contracting employees, you can find people who are productive and reliable, but not paid on a salary-basis or with added benefit expenses. Contractor opportunities can also be viewed as extended interviews. If it works out, then you can offer them full-time employment.
  • Flexibility: If you need a particular skill for a specific time frame, then you can save money and employ individuals with that skill. During fluctuating economies, or if you are unable to find your ideal candidate, contracting allows you to hire a substitute until you are ready.
  • Broad Experience: Contract workers tend to have broader work experience and may even hold multiple degrees. Since temporary employment opportunities are typically project-centered, contractors are exposed to a multitude of technologies and business settings. Also, because they have experienced different companies, projects and work-environments, they can bring new ideas and innovative solutions to your organization.

If you are considering temporary IT professionals, TopLine Strategies would be happy to help. We have the ability to identify and recruit top IT talent that would otherwise be unavailable. Since we are an IT engineering firm, we are able to source and test for the skills required for the position. This saves you both time and money, allowing your valuable resources to be spent in other ways.

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Job of the Week: Software QA Lead

March 31st, 2014

This week, we have a client looking to an experienced Quality Assurance professional to lead their QA initiative. This client is well-known and a highly established industry leader. The department is just getting off the ground, so it is a really great opportunity for someone to take this challenge head on, establish QA best practices and lead a team and oversee projects. This is your chance to be located in the esteemed Biltmore area known as Phoenix’s most acclaimed neighborhood and a premier Phoenix Point of Pride.

Location: Phoenix, AZNow hiring on keyboard


  • Plans, develops test cases, tests, and documents technology solutions.
  • Work with software developers and department managers to determine product specifications.
  • Oversee the creation of design standards and testing requirements for products.
  • Ensure products are delivered to market based on internal design standards and external customer expectations and requirements.
  • Provide direction on resolution of issues discovered during testing.


  • 5+ years’ experience testing web based applications with one year of leadership responsibility.
  • Proven ability to manage and prioritize multiple, diverse projects simultaneously as QA Analyst and Lead.
  • Experience developing, managing, and executing test plans.
  • Ability to write SQL and code to support test cases.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Required to be self-motivated, organized, and detail oriented.
  • Basic understanding of C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

To apply or see the full list of responsibilities and qualifications required, visit the TopLine Strategies Technical Careers Page.

A New Era in IT Recruiting

March 25th, 2014

More than ever, human resource professionals need to have access to every type of social and communication platform. This is the gateway for invaluable information about IT candidates and companies. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn provide the opportunity to interact, research and engage relationships without meeting in person. Another important note, it’s free! On LinkedIn, you can pay for even more access if that makes sense for your organization.

Social media has created these shifts in the world of recruiting:

  1. It’s now personal.
  2. It’s now transparent.
  3. Not only, HR can use it, so can CEO’s and IT hiring managers.
  4. It’s marketing.
  5. It’s sharable.

Below is an infographic to further explain why it matters. Click on the image to enlarge it.