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How early cloud VC's now are thinking about IT sales process

"...Several VCs participated in a panel to discuss the impact cloud computing is having on their investment strategies. The key message: they are looking at investments very differently, with an eye toward companies that can provide a service that starts small within an organization and then grow as more people use it or additional functionality is used.

The ROI Lowdown on Virtualization 2009

I am going to get together with one of the smart guys from Seismic, Craig Cook, live on May 21st to give the ultimate lowdown on server Virtualization.  And wonder of wonders, we'll be done in 45 minutes, how can you beat that!  Oh yeah, and it's free.

Current ASPX Page Name

Get the name of the current ASP.NET page.

string path = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Url.AbsolutePath; string name = System.IO.Path.GetFileName( path );

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Handling Multiple Events With A Delegate

In a recent multi-tab VB.NET Web application, the values from a 3 controls on a tab (tab A) were used as filters for a dropdownlist on a subsequent tab (tab B).  If the controls on tab A were changed, the dropdownlist on tab B would be reloaded based on the changed value(s).