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Truth in the Numbers

Truth in the Numbers

As technology plays an increasing role in the landscape of marketing, the need for showing an ROI increases concomitantly. One example of this role is seen with marketing automation. In addition to adding efficiency to lead nurturing and customer outreach, automation can also allow for increased personalization.

Get Your Team to Fall in Love with CRM

Get Your Team to Fall in Love with CRM

The implementation of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is only as successful as its implementation and adoption. Members of your staff could be resistant to, or hesitant to embrace, the new technology solution. In order to create a strong showing, it is important to get your entire team onboard. Once your team sees the benefits of CRM, they will be more likely to embrace and use it.

The Power of Clean, Quality Data

Your company invests in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It works diligently to have the system implemented and adopted across the entire company and ensure effective usage. However, if your team is not consistently keeping the Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity and Service Ticket data clean for continued use, your firm is missing out on the benefits of CRM.

Committing to Culture

Committing to Culture

The ability of a candidate to get the job done well will not be relevant if they do not fit in with the culture of the company. The culture of a company is an essential factor holding an organization together. It is not only important that each member of a team has the skill-set to complete their individual job, but it is also equally important that the entire team works together seamlessly. Company turnover due to a poor cultural fit can cost the company between 50-60 percent of the position’s annual salary.

Virtual machine could not be started because the hypervisor is not running - Solved

A while back I had set up a Hyper-V virtual machine, but it had been a while since I've needed to use it again. The time came again recently as I needed a VM to do some OS-specific testing. I got everything set up and started my VM, but was given an error message that said "Virtual machine [name] could not be started because hypervisor is not running." I was a little surprised to see it, since I could see that I had created a VM in the past - however, I remembered a change related to Hyper-V that I had made recently.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Independent Sales Rep Access

Have you given your independent sales reps CRM licenses so they can access CRM directly, rather than going through the Portal? Do you want them to have visibility only to the accounts, opportunities and leads that they are personally working? 

The following steps will help you achieve this via the use of Access Teams:

JSON Support in SQL Server

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) support and a long-awaited feature of SQL Server has been added to the 2016 version, which will allow you to exchange JSON data between applications and SQL Server, parse JSON formatted data so it can be stored in a relational format and convert relational data into JSON formatted data. 

Using XRM Tooling Instead of XRM Client

If you've been using the class "CrmConnection" in the Microsoft.Xrm.Client assembly, starting with the CRM 2016 (and subsequent) SDK versions (version 8.x), it's no longer available. Instead, you'll need to connect using the CrmServiceClient class which is found in the Microsoft.Xrm.Tooling.Connector assembly. You can view the details here.