The CRM Way of Life

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Customer Relationship Management

Each person in the CRM workflow has interest in the system for a different reason. Management would like a system that is more trustworthy than a stream of spreadsheets; they want the best chance to close sales, attract prospects, generate referrals and optimize customer relationships. With a growing dependency on technology, your coworkers want some sort of system that will help them do their job with ease. Customers would like to have their records easily accessible so they don’t have to repeat themselves.

The Marketing Automation Checklist

Marketing technology is on the rise and one of the strongest tools in the toolkit is: marketing automation. Even just the name sounds fantastic. Who wouldn’t want a system that will assist in sending campaigns to the right current and potential customers at the optimal time? If your company is considering making a marketing investment, it is definitely a tool to consider. 

Here are some topics below to consider:

Securing Cloud's Footing

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Platform & Cloud Solutions

According to data found by Gartner, spending on cloud and hybrid technology will increase in 2015, likely to about $3.8 trillion, increasing cloud’s place in the IT budget for the following year. Already, between 2013 and 2014, revenue from cloud technology has more than doubled. Organizations are being critical with their spending and how they are utilizing their budgets. Companies, now, are focusing on delivering a top-notch customer experience. They are seeking how to increase profitability, as opposed to focusing on cost efficiencies.