Why SharePoint?

As we close out the year and look toward what new opportunities come in the upcoming year, many companies are looking at what technologies should be integrated into their processes in order to increase collaboration and complete work more efficiently. One such tool for the conversation is Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint is the new way to work together.

Post-Interview Protocol

You have officially completed the interview. You think you really made a positive impression. What is next? Do you sit and wait until they reach out to you with next steps? Not at all! When you are trying to secure your next opportunity, it pays to be proactive, even in between interviews.

Why Hire During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is an exciting time for everyone as we close out the end of the year. While it is a busy time of year for both candidates and hiring teams, it does not mean you should put all hiring activities on hold. Hiring during the holiday season can actually be an advantage for your organization, if done right.

Query Salesforce Metadata from .NET

We recently had a need to be able to retrieve picklist values from the Salesforce case entity for use in another web application that was built using .NET. There are several ways we could have accomplished this. The first would have been to manually add the items to the other application (either hard coded or stored in a database).

Job Offer Clues

It’s an exciting time. You’ve been interviewing for a new career opportunity and it seems like a great fit for you in terms of culture and job function. However, is the company feeling the same way? Thankfully, there are clues you can spot in your conversations cluing you in on whether a job offer is in the near future.

Data Analysis in Hiring

When hiring the best team possible for your business, it is important to look at the similarities amongst your employees. Those demographics and data points are incredibly useful nuggets when hiring a new employee. Nationally, the use of data in hiring decisions is growing. Over 6,000 medium to large businesses will be utilizing data analytics in hiring decisions by 2018.

Pathway to Lead Nurturing

Implementing a marketing automation system opens the door to stronger, warmer leads and quicker closes. In order to achieve the maximum impact and ROI, lead nurturing systems need time for adjustments and polishing, in addition to involvement by all stakeholders.

Job Posting Optimization

Your company is hiring. You want the best pool of candidates to choose from in order to make the best hire possible for your company to create your team. How can you ensure that your job opening is being viewed by the most qualified candidates?