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Four Signs You Are Ready for a CRM System

Four Signs You Are Ready for a CRM System

Even the best sales person has a limit on the number of calls, emails and meetings obtained with current and potential clients. In today’s business landscape, companies must act fast and be incredibly agile in their business strategies and processes. To remain competitive, each company must have a strategic system in place to assist in acquiring new customers and retaining current clients. Each company can either choose to move forward or fall back.

The 2015 State of Marketing Report

The 2015 State of Marketing Report

Salesforce has released their 2015 State of Marketing report. In the fall of 2014, they surveyed thousands of marketers to learn their top priorities for 2015 across all digital channels, along with how their budgets, metrics and strategies would support those goals.

With more than 5,000 responses, the report offers a data-centric look at the digital marketing landscape for 2015, in addition to an increasing significance of the customer journey.

CRM 2015 and Cortana

As a Windows Phone user, I love Cortana. In my truck – at stoplights of course – I will use Cortana integrated with Bluetooth to start playing music from my XBox Music collection (both on device and cloud collection) by saying something like “Play album ‘Train of Thought'” or maybe send a quick text to say “I’m on my way.” Cortana isn’t just for for fun, though. You can now use Cortana with Microsoft CRM 2015.

Making the Sale

As many would have guessed, the holiday season is the most profitable time during the year. In today’s digital world, it is important to engage with the gift givers and seekers in the digital marketplace either before or during the purchase process, as it will lead to a greater chance for conversion.

Give your company the perfect holiday gift!

No better way to say happy holidays to your co-workers than giving the gift of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015! Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 takes one step further to provide better solutions for your business.

15 Ways CRM Can Benefit Your Sales Team

From achieving growth targets and lead generation, to increasing account value and winning customers, there are many ways in which CRM can benefit your sales team. Check out these 15 ways how your sales team can benefit from CRM:

Increase the ROI of your CRM Investment

Implementing a new CRM solution into your business is a serious investment of time, money and people. CRM can lead to many improvements within your company and lead to a positive, tangible return on investment. These improvements include:

Cloud Technology: The Future of Business

Cloud technology has changed the future of business and some believe that it will be the only way businesses will function. It is beneficial for a company of any size and allows flexibility for companies to save money, and free up the necessity to manage complex technologies. Six opportunities cloud technology can enhance your business: Data back up

Dreamforce '14

This past week we attended’s Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. There, we were able to hear from keynote speakers about what is the ahead in the road map for the company as well as listen to expert-led learning sessions. Take a look below at some pictures we took while we were at the conference!