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Sales Management

The New Kid On the Block: Microsoft Takes An Aggressive Marketing Approach

As of mid-January, Microsoft has released its latest version of CRM to the cloud. It’s been a long time waiting, over four years to be exact, since Microsoft has released a version of Customer Relationship Management. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is currently available for cloud users and is expected to be on-premise February 28th.

Sales Enablement: User Acceptance Means More Sales

The difference between a CRM failure and a CRM implementation that delivers a high return on investment -- often comes down to user acceptance. If users don't enthusiastically embrace CRM, then the initiative may not only fall short of the ROI objective, the entire CRM initiative will surely be at risk. Sales users only embrace a CRM initiative if the toolset delivers to their self-interest -- optimizing the productive interaction between the salesperson and the customer/prospect.

Sales Calls Are Always Better When They Are Planned

We've all seen it. The team heads out to an appointment and someone asks "who are we meeting with?" That is followed by "what are we there to talk about." The quality of the pre call planning is dependent on the length of the drive to the prospects offices! That is not good business even in great economic conditions. In this economy, when appointments and qualified opportunities might seem more scarce, it is a disaster.

In his well written sales blog, Dave Kahle offers some great advice about how to prepare and plan for a sales call.

The Greatest Sales Strategy Ever

by Jon Gordon



As a student of people and ideas I have to admit that what two guys are doing in a Northeast Florida Starbucks is absolutely genius.