Transforming Group Collaboration

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Transforming Group Collaboration

The enterprise social network, Yammer, is taking collaboration a step farther: to the team. Yammer is making collaboration easier than ever before with a belief that information is most valuable when shared amongst your team, leading to greater productivity in today’s dynamic teams. Not only will Yammer be more deeply rooted in Office 365, but with Yammer groups, members can share and collaborate within a confined space on the topic at hand. Users will be able to seamlessly move between Yammer, Skype meeting, Outlook emails and files on OneDrive. With this enhancement, many new and updated features have been integrated:

Home Feed

  • Real-time Activity: Never miss out on a group update, even if you are on a different page. The left hand panel displays notifications as activity occurs.
  • Updated Discovery Feed: The new and improved Discovery Feed focuses on the group experience. It will allow you to stay connected with the best content across the company. Each update will be labeled with the group associated with the post, making joining groups from the home screen simple.


Group Pages

  • Next Group Suggestions: When visiting a group page, a banner will appear at the bottom suggesting a page to visit next based on recent activity that has not yet been viewed.
  • Updated Group Page Layout: Full-width headers, attention to important content and a wider feed are all included in the new design.


Mobile Access

  • Organized Home Feed: The home feed on the mobile application will be focused on the group. It will be organized under each group’s content so you won’t miss any recent conversations.
  • Prioritized Conversations: On the group pages, the higher priority items will be listed first. Other unread conversations/posts and the previously viewed material will follow this action.
  • Apple Watch: Yammer is coming to the Apple Watch! Another opportunity for conversations to be available on the go.
  • Doodle: Images will be the new canvas with the ability to markup photos on posts to call out important details.
  • Mobile Attachments: File attachments will not be hindered from being on the go. With Yammer’s mobile app, you can attach files stored on OneDrive and Dropbox, in addition to files already stored on your Yammer.


For more details, watch this demo video.

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