Introducing the Lightning Experience

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Introducing the Lightning Experience

On August 25, 2015, Salesforce released its Lightning Experience, a total interface re-design based on feedback and suggestions from actual Salesforce users to create a more modern, sleek look and feel. The design was a long time in the making, according to IDC Associate Vice President, Bo Lykkegaard. The new Salesforce framework is more compatible with mobile applications and automatically adapts to the device being used.  

The new release features many innovations to motivate and excite current users, with an overarching goal of customization based on user interests. The Lightning Experience now centers on how a salesperson thinks, rather than focusing on what is “logical” for a software application to do. Below are a few of the updates your company will see: 


  • Home Base: Before you can reach any of the other updates, you will reach the home screen. This page has been completely updated with a goal chart, account insights, task updates and leads. The analytics are created using Salesforce Wave analytics.  

  • Customized Dashboards: The most sought after update for the new experience was an update to program dashboards. A four-column dashboard is now a reality…Salesforce received almost 80,000 requests for this feature. Users can edit their individual dashboards to resize and set their fields to best fit their needs and work style.

  • Opportunity Workspace: Sales is consistently focused on moving and closing deals. Opportunities can now be easily viewed in the opportunity workplace. Users can see where each one currently stands and what still needs to be done to close each opportunity. The related contacts are also viewable for each opportunity, as well as all associated notes and completed tasks.

  • Pipeline: Users are not limited to viewing only individual opportunities in their workspace. Under “My Opportunities,” users can view all opportunities in a pipeline, listed under their associated stage with their relevant task. Users can move the tasks manually throughout the timeline with the forecasting totals updating in real time. 



So far, this redesign is only viewable on Sales Cloud. Other platform releases are in the works, with Service Cloud being the next product on Salesforce’s list for the upgrade. For more details on the Lightning Experience, you can view Salesforce’s press release here. 

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