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What will CRM look like in 2015?

An article written by Jamie Grenney for discussed the potential path that CRM should take by 2015 to meet the needs of next generation CRM users.

Why Your Social CRM is Failing

An article recently written by Maria Minsker of, discussed the major reasons that organizations social CRM strategies fail. According to her piece, many fail for predictable and avoidable reasons. Organizations must do a better job of communicating their social media goals with all employees and train them on how to use the associated technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales Professionals

Microsoft recently released this video that explains the benefits of using MS CRM for business growth. In short, a properly implemented CRM and marketing automation platform can help any organization build more leads, increase conversion rates of leads to revenue, and build longer term, more profitable relationships.

When is the best time of day to make a cold call?

A study conducted by Dr. James Oldroyd in conjunction with the Kellogg School of Management uncovered some interesting statistics on cold calling effectiveness. The study operated over 4 months with more than 40 organizations of all sizes and totaled more than 495 responses.

How the Yankees used Gamification for Dynamics CRM user adoption

When the Yankees deployed Dynamics CRM in 2011, they knew their biggest hurdle was going to be user adoption. Implementation of a CRM is often the easiest part within any organization, the real art lies in convincing your employees to utilize the system consistently. Microsoft notes that 42% of CRM project fail due to a user adoption problems.

4 Lessons for Success with your Sales Team

For the growth of small and medium sized organizations, the importance of an effective sales team can not be overlooked. John Treace, an executive with more than 30 years sales experience recently published his thoughts on and highlights 4 interesting thoughts on the subject: 

Microsoft Convergence 2013

The TopLine Strategies Team is currently taking part in the 2013 Microsoft Convergence located in New Orleans, Louisiana. The conference is Microsoft’s largest to date at over 11,000 attendees and opened to Microsoft Business Solutions President, Kirill Tatarinov and featured presentations by executives from Microsoft Dynamics customers: Chobani Inc., Habitat for Humanity International, Revlon Inc., Shock Doctor Inc. and Weight Watchers International. These customers highlighted how they use Microsoft Dynamics on a daily basis to help further the growth of their business.

What influences us to say yes?

Created by Dr. Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology from Arizona State University, this video discusses the science behind human behavior and the 6 tactics that any individual or business can utilize to increase persuasion towards your desired outcome. While many hope that consumers rely on all the available and necessary information to guide decisions, in reality Dr. Cialdini's science indicates that there are 6 universal shortcuts that we as consumers often default to that flies in the face of conventional and rational decision making.

The Future of Sales Technology

Authors Geoffrey James and Howard Stevens, are co-authors of the book "The End of Sales As We Know It" and recently published an article on which discusses their views on the future of sales technology. They compiled their Top 5 opinions in the list below. You can read the full article or download an e-version of their book by clicking here

The Future of Sales Technology 

How to Optimize Salesforce License Types and Lower your Salesforce Cost by half?

Do you need to pay $125 for each user in order to use Salesforce? 

The answer is no.  There are ways to increase the user adoption without hurting your budget.

For those of you using Salesforce Enterprise edition, you may be able to use licenses for many of your users to substantially reduce your Salesforce CRM system costs. Enterprise users can co-exist in your Salesforce database along with your Saleforce Enterprise users because Enterprise and Salesforce Enterprise Edition access the same database.