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Subtleties of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Upgrade

Here are 2 observations from our Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 upgrade experience (from Online 2015 to Online 2016) that might be helpful to you:

Duplicate detection rules got published – In our initial CRM installation, we had unpublished all existing duplicate detection rules, being not yet ready to employ them.  The upgrade process published the duplicate detection rules, so we needed a post-deployment step to unpublish them again.

The Case for Customer Service Technology Investment

The Case for Customer Service Technology Investment

As companies are solidifying their goals and budgets for 2016, a major topic of discussion will be investing in customer service. Customer service is no longer just a call center, but now encompasses the full post-purchase customer experience and support. In order to keep up with industry developments and continue to stand out from competitors, companies need to expand their offerings in customer service technology. Gartner estimates that, by 2017, over 50 percent of technical development investments will be in customer service innovations.

Custom Entity Icons in Dynamics CRM

Recently, I had been making some seemingly simple adjustments to a CRM environment and ended up uncovering a lot of useful (but not very well-documented) information on icon usage in MSCRM - here is how it all played out.

Users are mentioning that the icons for custom entities in CRM for Outlook all look the same, and don't reflect what they see in the Web UI. Here is what they see:

Unknown Project Type GUID

I received an error opening a CRM project in visual studio: “Unknown project type GUID 4C25E9B5-9FA6-436c-8E19-B395D2A65FAF.” That GUID is related to a MS CRM developer toolkit. It’s not supported on MS CRM 2013, MS CRM 2015 or MS CRM 2016, so what do you do?

Dynamics CRM - Managing Async Process Memory Usage

Recently, in Dynamics CRM, we were coming across some issues with the processing of async services (specifically plugins). The environment was pretty robust, but we had a lot of processes going on, and we would frequently see the async services max out what memory we had available on the server, which required a restart of the services (not ideal).

CRM for Tablets/Phone PSA: Know Your Supported Versions!

While it’s always important to keep tabs on what operating system versions are supported for which CRM versions, the recent release of CRM 2016 means that Microsoft has moved on while many organizations may be in the process of evaluating the upgrade before taking the dive. With OS upgrades being pushed out to tablet and phone users on an increasingly regular basis, it has become even more vital to know which updates your users should wait to apply.

Training for Customer Service Success

Training for Customer Service Success

Today’s fast-paced, mobile customers have come to expect quick responses and personalized attention in their interactions with customer service groups in the companies they do business with. The consequences of a poor customer experience can be swift and direct. A recent study by PH Media Group found that over half of respondents would switch loyalty due to one negative service experience with a company.

Overcoming Email Template Limitations in MS CRM

MS CRM has a limitation that when you create an email template to use in a workflow, you can only base the template on a predefined list of entities. Adding to that is the frustrating fact that once you choose the source entity you can only add fields from a predefined list of related entities, so accessing fields from a custom entity isn’t possible with out of the box functionality.