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The Greatest Sales Strategy Ever

by Jon Gordon



As a student of people and ideas I have to admit that what two guys are doing in a Northeast Florida Starbucks is absolutely genius.

The Cornerstone of CRM Deployment

Any CRM technology that affects groups and intended to make the group more productive is bound to the up against adoption issues -- one key answer is a usability focus.

Microsoft: Now with million customers for Dynamics CRM

Microsoft has passed the one million mark in the CRM marketplace. This news was delivered at the 2009 partners conference in New Orleans earlier this month. And this was not the only news Microsoft was breaking down in Louisiana.

Preparing for your next great sales call

We are excited. We’ve just opened a new revenue opportunity in a tough economy. We’ve qualified the opportunity and from what we’ve learned this is a real deal, one worth spending some our most valuable resource on, our time.  During the discovery and qualification phone calls we managed to establish a level of rapport.  A certain amount of “bonding” has been achieved. While we and this new prospect have not become good friends, there has developed between us the beginning stages of a professional relationship. Our next step is that all important first face to face meeting.