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Back to the Basics - Critical Success Factors for Every Salesperson

As a member of a sales team, I'm constantly trying to understand what it takes to be successful and put the client first.  This article highlights the foundation of what every salesperson should value during the sales cycle.  We as salespeople must understand that we are all still human and understanding the basic psychology of why we do, what we do can go a long way in becoming a successful salesperson.

Salesforce Sales Cloud-Products, Price Books and Assets

Product and Product Family
  • Product family is a pick list field under product object
  • Forecasting can be filtered by product family
Price book
  • A product always has to be listed under master list, which is standard price book
  • Can be listed in customized price books.
  • Custom price book can have DISCOUNT. Discount can be higher than the standard price.
  • An opportunity can use only one price book.
  • New price book is create on Product tab

Salesforce Sales Cloud – Chatter

Chatter is changing the way your company connects. It is like using Fackbook within your company.

How chatter revolutionzies the way we share information?

Chatter Home Page – track People, records, post content and files, groups and more. Everyone can see your homepage post.

Profile Page-track post made by you and to you. Everyone can see your profile post.

Record-only Record page-user must have records access to follow, view, post to record.

Salesforce Sales Cloud-Campaign and ROI

Campaign contains name, start/end date, expected revenue, budget cost, actual cost. Can have different page layouts for each campaign type.

Campaign members can be lead, contact, person account, with status. Can have different page layouts for each campaign type. Status can be set up through advanced setup.

How to add campaign members to a campaign

Salesforce Sales Cloud - salesforce to salesforce connection

What is Salesforce to Salesforce connection? It is a connections tab, which allow channel managers with your organization to share account, contact, leads and opportunity.

  • Manages connection
  • Manages connection templates (admin use template to share certain objects)
  • FREE to all any edition
  • Either side can deactivate connection anytime

Five steps to set up a Salesforce to Salesforce connection

Let's Get Social - Announcement from Microsoft

Microsoft announced a new update on October 25, 2011 in a press release that will allow for social capabilities. Social CRM seems to be the hot buzz word in the marketplace as organizations are now trying to tap into integrating CRM with social technologies.  GM of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Management Group was quoted in saying, " Across Microsoft, we deliver social capabilities that help customers and businesses build more productive relationships.  By bringing

Modesty and Honesty are Always the Best Policy

I enjoyed reading this article entitled the “Seven Personality Traits of Top Salespeople.”  The author Steve Martin identifies what to some may sound counter-intuitive: (1) That most successful sales professionals scored high on the “Modesty and Achievement Orientation” portion of the referenced personality test, and (2) That most successful sales professionals show 30% less gregariousness.  Those findings sure correct two oft-repeated salesperson