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Quality Assurance Automation

Big Announcements from Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite took place September 24-28, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. During the conference, Microsoft has made big announcements about new features and products across a variety of business areas.

Simple Cookie Management in ASP.NET

Cookies are one of the many options available for state management in ASP.NET. A cookie is a small file on a client file-system that can be stored or retrieved from a browser session. These can be used for many things, but frequently are used to maintain a user session after the browser has closed – this comes into play with those “Remember Me?” checkboxes on log-in screens. When a user checks the box, they are usually consenting to have a cookie placed on their system.

Getting a List of Salesforce Items Without a View

Sometimes, when I’m doing some customizations in Salesforce, I want to see a list of accounts, contacts, leads, etc., but I don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a view. I have to add that it’s not really difficult to create a view, but sometimes you just want to see the data quickly. (There’s also a quick way to get to a form to add a new item as well.) If you want to see or enter the data for a specific record type quickly all you have to do is enter a URL in a specific format: 

AngularJS using the Select Element

AngularJS makes the rendering of an HTML select element quite simple, especially for dynamic options that can be retrieved via a backend service. The directive that AngularJS uses for select elements defined the ng-required attribute that is available for input elements and an ng-options attribute that can be used to generate option elements from arrays and objects, see Listing 1 below.

<!DOCTYPE html>